The Blessing of a Fracture


In the first trimester of pregnancy with Leela, now over 4 years ago, a full half-gallon glass mason jar filled with milk, fell out of my fridge.
My thought immediately raced to “all that broken glass!!” So I deliberately left my foot where it was to break the fall of the jar. Yep. A real genius moment.
The next day was Melody’s birthday party, so I kept going through the searing pain like an unstoppable train. I kept on going through searing pain for another week.
Eventually, the intense pain subsided, but my foot was never “right” after this (duh, of course not).

After awhile, I had developed a strange lump on the top of my foot, when Leela was around 6 months old, that was clearly bruised, almost purple, but it wasn’t really painful most of the time. Daryl massaged it when I could tolerate it.
Fast forward to about a year or so ago. My poor left foot going through spurts of pain with too much activity – never giving my foot even a day of rest. I went into my chiropractor, who told me I had a fracture and the lump could be any number of things, listing them off. “GIVE YOUR FOOT REST,” was the advice I should have listened to.

Saturday, seemingly out of nowhere (no unusually intense activity), my foot throbbed in pain similar to the week following when I first injured it. It shot up through my leg. I got desperate and started searching for natural diagnostics and healing.

This led me to 3 interesting changes.

First, I thought I’d had my body in alignment, with my weight over my heels. It took very little time to realize with this intense pain, that I was forward weight-bearing. Walking with the weight of my body over my heels felt VERY different (and better) than how I had been walking. But, I also had to change to walking less for now. A lot less… finally giving my foot the rest it has needed for 4 years.

Second, I ordered a tuning fork made for diagnosing various things. Specifically so I can check, from home, the state of the fracture in my foot (it will also come in handy past this, I am sure). I already know there is a fracture, the only thing I can do is to immobilize it the best I can, and wait for it to heal. At this time, xrays are not in the best interest either, so I’m avoiding that issue of health concern.
I’m kind of excited about the tuning fork! It’s due to come today. Daryl will use it on me, while I give any feedback about sensation.
This is an interesting video about it.

Third, I recalled that when I’d cut into my flexor tendon (getting an avocado pit out), a friend told me lemongrass essential oil helps heal tendon issues. Not only did it heal the tendon quickly, it gave instant pain relief. I found a helpful essential oil fracture recipe and have been applying that, as well. I’ve swapped the marjoram (which I don’t yet have) for lemongrass.

I’ve found several blessings, such as needed rest, learning of new health tools, and finding I’ve been off in alignment. To be reminded, once again, how Daryl loves me and wants to make sure I am well, is also a blessing.

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