The Beauty of Bullet Journaling



Currently, life has me in a season in which making meals three times a day, completing our learning schedule, and having a clean home, are feats that I am happy are accomplished each day.
A schedule is really not needed at this time, as I couldn’t keep up with it!
So, my Bullet Journal currently has bare-bones necessities in it. Monthly view, monthly meal planning, gut health log, zone cleaning, and Snack Attack. And to be honest, only the meal plan gets utilized regularly!

The beauty in this is that I’m not wasting pages. I just pick the book up and start on the next blank page, when this season of life has passed and I have energy and time for a fuller schedule. There will not be wasted pre-designed planner pages that are past their dates.

So, even though I’m not using my Bullet Journal with regularity right now, it is just one more reason why I love Bullet Journaling!

No pressure. Complete flexibility.

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