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I’m looking throughout Ambleside Online and getting a lot more comfortable adding things or substituting things, as needed.
Last year, in Year 7, Melody read Paul Brand’s Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, under the health section. It’s more a very beautiful, detailed devotional in many respects.

In year 8, there’s nothing to fill that intended role and I want something for my children here – health studies are very important to me for my family to invest in.

After reading over half of Protecting the Gift by Gavin de Becker right now and being a secondary survivor/victim, I’ve also been looking to add several books, deliberately into earlier years, as well, that address sexuality and bodily autonomy. This is a work in progress and I will come back and tweak this list as needed.

Year 1-
(could/should be used before year 1)
* The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
* It’s MY Body

Year 2 –
* God’s Design for Sex, book 1

Year 3 –
* God’s Design for Sex, book 2

Year 4 –
* The Care and Keeping of You OR The Boy’s Body Book

Year 5 –
* The Care and Keeping of You 2 OR The Mission: Boy to Man
*Nutrition 101, 1st half (I already have this, as I was given it to review years ago. It’s good, but pricey.)

Year 6 –
*Cycle Savvy
*No More Singing
*Nutrition 101, 2nd half

Year 7 –
*Real Food Fermentation

Year 8 –
*Move Your DNA
*Practical Paleo or The Paleo Solution (I’m including one of these specifically because of our genetic defects and how many people with them respond wonderfully to a “Paleo” diet… I want my kids to know and prepare in advance)

Year 9 –
* Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

Year 10 –
*Protecting the Gift
*Letter from Standford Victim – girls and boys, mandatory reading

Year 11 –
* Feelings: Buried Alive, Never Die

Year 12 –
* The Yasko Starter Pack
* Marked In Your Flesh – Bible study and health?

Teacher Reads –
* The Munchausen Complex : Socialization of Violence and Abuse
* Why Gender Matters
* The Well-Armored Child
* 14 minute TedX Talk: Growing Up in a Pornified Culture – It’s at the 5:25 mark that my heart shatters… the entire thing is very open about cultural sexual words, but needed to watch to understand we ALL take part in this

Do you have any health/bodily dignity resources that you’d love to recommend?

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    • It’s a book that shows the sadness, via nature, of abortion and population control.

      I edited to link everything, so there’s a link to it now. I’m still trying to figure out what age would be best for it, but that can always be adjusted.


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