In Which I Release a 4th Term


A Mother’s Feast has been a wonderful blessing this year. I have accomplished 3 semesters of intentional learning that enriched me with beauty, truth, and goodness. Which is 3 seasons more than I had been getting, after a roller-coaster life for several years.

These past 3 seasons have been truly like a bountiful feast laid out for myself, and the best part is that as Melody has seen me once again reading, taking up new handicrafts, learning to draw… her love for learning has returned with new vigor. The Mother’s Feast leaves more than enough for others to delight in!

When I planned out my Mother’s Feast this year, I planned for 4 semesters. As this fourth semester was drawing closer, I found myself feeling overwhelmed rather than refreshed. I felt burnt out, but I was determined to keep going to finish the plan.

Over the summer, however, I kept being encouraged by Charlotte Mason-inspired articles, podcasts, and forum conversations. All of them pertained to rest – rest for the children in a summer vacation and refreshment for mothers. I slowly edged toward the knowledge that taking a semester of rest was not just wanted, but needed.

My summertime sanctuary...

It started with Moms are Born Persons, Too. Not difficult to realize that if I give my children months of time off to decompress and let their minds make connections in rest, because they are people, I should give myself that as well. Then I listened to the podcast, with more conviction.
Then came Summertime Lesson by Karen, and the last place setting at this year’s Mother’s Feast was set… I needed to let my mind rest and keep making connections from what I have been reading, listening to, and learning with my hands.

Which at first was a struggle for my winter (Type 4) nature, but i’ve had a few weeks without scheduled Mother’s Feast and can see how allowing myself scheduled freedom will offer another aspect of beauty, truth, and goodness.

Reader, have you ever chosen to give up something to encounter the state of rest? How did it effect you? Was it difficult to make the decision or was it quite easy? I’d love to hear about you!