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I’ve been contemplating that, long before I knew about Dressing Your Truth, my God-given nature was very apparent to myself and others! I thought I’d link some of my older posts here, from my older blog, that I still believe generally in, and show so clearly I am a Type 4.

I used (and still do) terms like “God is black and white,” “a God of order not chaos.” “I know who I am.” And other little gems that made my Type 4 shine out in that wonderful way that many assume is judging, perfectionist, or unyielding! 😉

I want to share these because as I’ve been reading the free DYT things available, I can’t help but see how true this is: God has instilled a part of His perfect nature into each one of us. We can take it, twist it, and pervert it, or we can trust Him with the nature He instilled in us, and live it out in a way of love for Him and others.

As a Type 4, I’m trying to find that balance of speaking the truth boldly in LOVE. What I often mean with beauty, love, and support for others, is often not taken that way… partly because I can say things bluntly and partly because most people aren’t black/white and don’t appreciate truth bombs like I do (it takes me a day or two to let it sink in, but it’s the most effective way), and partly because when I see something in “grey,” I am genuinely abhorred… even when I am the one living grey! This often comes off as judgmental (despite that I feel this way about myself more strongly than anyone else).

It’s *very* difficult for my mind to know how to speak truth softly and subtly (despite that 2 is my es, but it’s a quality I seek after nonetheless, while still honoring being bold and intuitive. As I add these past posts, I’ll link them here.

I’m Going There, Part 1

Who I Am

A Month of Something Different

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