A Month of Something Different


As you’ll see towards the end, I wrote this several years back, when I was still a single mom. I was looking through old posts and was encouraged by this – so much so that we’re going to do this again, starting the beginning of October.

So, I notice that Melody and I when we are home, have gotten into a horrible rut. We do not have one of the antennas on our t.v., but we have been watching movies a lot. There is usually something on if we are in the living room, even if we’re not watching it, just for background noise. I am pretty good about keeping it off if neither of us are in the living room, but still, it bothers me that I allow it on so much.

I am a hot-cold, black-white kind of woman. So when I see something wrong in my life, I tend to go the polar opposite direction. I’ve decided to make a slight compromise. Instead of selling my t.v., DVD player, the Wii Melody was blessed with last year, and our small DVD collection… I am starting a trial, month-long television experiment.

I am unplugging my television, every day of the week, except for Friday night for a few hours to watch one movie together. Then it gets unplugged again.

I think by doing this, I will do several things.

First, money will probably be saved on the electric bill. {wink}

Second, without having the television on, we will not feel compelled to sit down and zone out so much. I do not mind sitting down, but perhaps now our sitting down time will more often be productive than not. I’ll learn with Melody how to embroider. Or we can learn to knit together. Break out a game of checkers. Read to ourselves at the same time. Paint. Scrapbook. Journal. Study the Bible.

Third, we’ll probably get up more. Cook. Play outside. Take nature walks. Visit friends. Bike around town.

So, starting at at 11:00pm, September 30, 2010, we’re going to take this 31-day challenge. I am not replacing t.v. time with internet time, either. {laughs}

While I don’t agree with everything in this article, it is a really good, interesting read: Those Who Don’t Build Must Burn.

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