AO Year 8 Schedule Bookmarks



Update 6/2/17 – I need to update these to reflect AO’s work, booklist, etc, but I honestly don’t have time to do that. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but these are no longer available!

Each year I am making these bookmarks, I find myself a little later in getting them made, and taking less time to format and play!
These are quite bare-bones, but they will certainly help us – or you – keep track of where we are at in our readings.

I felt very pulled in putting the weeks into this, after reading so much about atmosphere this summer, and recognizing that not just as a homeschooling mother, but specifically as a Type 4, I am a list-checker, while Melody (my Type 1) almost wilts under as much structure and stringency as I flourish in… so I am trying to help find our middle ground, to ensure a rich and varied Feast that we nourish ourselves upon daily/weekly, but we don’t allow the tools to master us.
Still, I continued the weekly notes for those that prefer them, and I am choosing to print them and work on not allowing myself to be mastered by a list, but to use the tools to enrich our days.

Soon, I will include an alternative bookmark list here, as well, which includes the alternative AO suggestions and a suggested schedule for the alternative justice and economics books we are using this year.

Until then, please enjoy these simple little bookmarks!

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