Education Is An Atmosphere



There are so many wonderful posts about Charlotte Mason’s belief that “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life.” (See bottom of the post for many of them.)

I don’t have any new thoughts or ideas on this right now, but I do have a little glimpse for others of what our external atmosphere is, flowing from a bit of the internal.

This month, after paying off our mortgage (!!!), I decided to create my own Pinterest pin, inspired by a wonderfully creative momma, Carla. I’ve had this pinned for a little while and loved it, but with our finances well beneath paycheck-to-paycheck, it was way at the bottom of a want list, which was way beneath a growing need list.

image It ended up costing about $2. I had the frame, a pillowcase, the baker’s twine for the bunting, the scrapbook paper, and the push pins. I bought foam board ($1 at the Dollar Tree), ribbon ($1, but I used well under 1/4 of the roll) from Hobby Lobby, and printed off everything else (I’m thinking, with our inkjet, it’s under $1 for all the printed stuff).

The pillowcase fit JUST over the foam board, which fit JUST inside the frame. I then put a layer of cardboard on the back and tacked it in with brass tacks, adding the ribbon for a way to hang the frame.

Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophies are what we mostly follow, so it was easy to be inspired by the goodness, beauty, and truth on Carla’s wall! I did make a simple CM’s children’s motto (it really is good human conduct, for any age) in my own colors and fonts (and I avoid “country” for a reason). If you like the font/color that I used, I’ll link my free PDF below.

image There’s a very large screw holding up the ribbon/frame, and I thought it was tacky, so I printed another long-awaited Pinterest find, the song bird, to cover the screw, after gluing it to some heavier cardboard.

I feel very happy with this. Melody has gone over to the board several times in the last week that it’s been up, reading over the words and looking at her schedule (which begins next week). Daryl, Melody, and I all think it’s relaxing… which is my aim in our learning environment, inside and out.

“Education is An Atmosphere” Encouragement:

Atmosphere Begins With Me

A Beautiful Home Atmosphere

Do Not Sit Up Late: Three Practical Do Not’s

Creating a Mason Atmosphere on a Dime

Secrets From Charlotte Mason for Scheduling for Peace


The motto print (purple, blue, and green) can be saved/printed here.

G.K. Chesterton quote.

The song bird can be found here.

You can find the Family Rules here.

The squirrel coloring page can be found here.

The chalkboard bunting is from Cottage Market (I altered the “I” piece to make the colon).

I altered the Chore Chart from The Project Girl to meet my desires, as Carla did.

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