Bullet Journal Update


The littles were about to destroy a gorgeous cover to our hardback Wind in the Willows and I couldn’t bear throwing it away, so I made it the cover to my next Bullet Journal, on the comp notebook. The horse in a field, from the back, is inside my bullet journal, at the back. The whole thing makes my heart happy!

I’ve been going at the BuJo since April – and like almost everyone else, loving it!


It’s easy to love, when you make it your own. No blank spaces unfilled if you have nothing to do that day, as with a traditional planner, if you don’t want to. Personalizing possibilities are nearly endless (see my handmade TARDIS stamp on my back pocket?).


In the original BuJo tutorial, there’s no yearly calendar spread that I can recall, but there are times I really need/want it, to keep track of birthdays and whatnot. I printed this calendar from Donna Young, free. I have my Mother’s Feast schedule marked out on the lines, but it would be ideal to mark what holiday, birthday, etc is in the week/day highlighted.


I started, very recently, keeping my Restorative Exercise Specialist training notes in my BuJo. I have been keeping them in a separate book, but I’m finding this information in the BuJo more connected for me.


Party planning had been in full swing, including some ridiculously pathetic, but encouraging drawings. (We’re huge Tumble Leaf fans, here!)

I also keep a lot of monthly tracking in my Bullet Journal. I was tracking our budget… err… attempting to… but stopped putting those papers in.

image Like my fertility tracking…

image Menu planning…

image Healthy Gut log…

image Snack Attack, using all of Katy Bowman’s Snacks, plus 7 of her Aligned & Well DVDs.

image Fly Lady focus zones, that I swap around as needed…

I still keep weekly things flowing, too.

image And keep little clips of special things…


Keep track of various things (this is how I do almost every week set-up), like moods, water intake, weather, and daily notes and to-dos…


Keep track of other things and doodle (below, is a long box to fill in what I’m grateful for each day; the blank box above generally has an inspiring quote I’ve read the week before)…

I also occasionally draw, write poetry, schedule-plan for home learning, keep a list of books I want to read, and more!





This Bullet Journal thing is helping me see health issues, keep on task most of the time, keeping off the internet more… overall a very useful tool for life!

Do you keep a Bullet Journal? If so, what do you put in it?

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