When Your Guts Fall Out (Literally)


Once upon a time… about a year and eight months ago, while I was pregnant with Stryder… I felt my abdominal muscles tear away from each other. The pain was intense for about a day, then subsided. This happened a few more times during my pregnancy.
I knew what this meant: diastasis recti (DR). I’d been reading through Katy Says for several years (though not implementing almost anything), had been waiting for her Restorative Exercise Institute to accept new students, and was well aware of what had happened.

About two months after I had Stryder, my internal organs started falling out between this gap, a couple times a week. I would become nauseous, dizzy, and had a little harder time concentrating. I knew this was serious. I had read a few cases of this happening to people, though not many, but had never known anyone “in real life” to have diastasis recti so obviously that their guts fell out.
I never measured the gap because the thought of feeling it made me sick and I knew with my organs falling out it was pretty darn bad.

I knew I had to do something before I got pregnant again, as another baby would tax those torn muscles even further, making postpartum even worse.
I began asking alignment junkies what my best bet would be to do in terms of healing. I was guided to Mutu, which could then be followed by Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) training when it opened. Low and behold, RES training opened in the next month or so, while I had been contemplating spending a couple hundred dollars (we didn’t really have) on a system I’d use only to heal my DR.

It’s been 7 months since I started Year 1 of RES Training. Last month it dawned on me that it had been quite awhile since my guts fell out… thinking back, about a month after I started RESt!
I decided to check my abdominal muscles and could just barely get two fingers between the gap. A few weeks later, my wonderful midwife friend checked me and she could not get any fingers in.

Natural movement works, my friends!

Do you want to know what I did to heal my diastasis recti, from guts falling out to no gap, in about 6 month?
Stay with me (or subscribe to my RSS feed, above), because I’ll be sharing just that in the next few days.

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