A Few of My Favorite Things


I am excited to participate in the July Blogging Challenge, hosted by Jennifer and Lynn, to get the blogging “mojo” flowing. Thank you so much for hosting this, ladies!

I have missed a little bit of the challenge – 10 days in fact! I see a few that I want to catch up on, so I will definitely make sure to blog through them later. 🙂 But, for today, I’m excited to tell you about some of my favorite things.

1) Time in God’s Word. There was a longer period of my life recently, where getting into God’s Word was intermittent and forced. I was broken, hurting, and running from El Roi… Who was waiting for me every step I ran. I wanted to have a genuine heart to be in communion with Him, but each time I would sit and open the Word, my life felt like a lie. While I was pregnant with Stryder, I allowed my more opened emotional state to carry me to the feet of Christ, and have been running TO Him again, since. It is my favorite thing, and I missed it despite choosing to run from it. Right now I am reading through Charles Stanley’s Seeking His Face, plus reading through various Scripture with Melody.
2) Family snuggles. For a long time, this was just Melody and I. Now, it’s a lot more family to snuggle. ❤
3) Books. Bibliophilia is strong within me. ;P
4) Knitting.
5) Bullet Journal.
6) The sound of a well-played violin or saxophone.
7) Planning parties (but *never* having them for myself, SERIOUSLY panicky to have that much attention on me). I may be considered a Pinterest mom when it comes to this… *ahem*
8) Botanical medicine.
9) Nerdy shows: Firefly, LOTR, Doctor Who, etcetera.
10) Last, but not least, Restorative Exercise. My internal organs are no longer falling out between my diastasis recti (it’s healed!), since I started implementing natural movement into my days – I am so excited about becoming a Restorative Exercise specialist! I can’t wait to write more about this favorite thing in the next few weeks!

I limited myself, to spare you, to my top 10 favorite things. I could go on a couple sets more!

What are some of your favorite things? I would love for you to share here!

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