Dear God, Liberate Us


 “He (Timothy McVeigh) came home from the Special Forces in the Gulf War, horrified, crazy, dehumanized, and became the worst domestic terrorist this country has ever seen. His essays cry out against the bloodshed he saw and created in Iraq: “Do people think that government workers in Iraq are any less human than those in Oklahoma City? Do they think that Iraqis don’t have families who will grieve and mourn the loss of their loved ones? Do people believe that the killing of foreigners is somehow different than the killing of Americans?” No doubt he had been deranged by the myth of redemptive violence. He bombed Oklahoma City in the hope that complacent Americans could see what “collateral damage” looks like and cry out against bloodshed everywhere, even in Iraq. Instead, the government that had trained him to kill, killed him, to teach the rest of us that it is wrong to kill. Dear God liberate us from the logic of redemptive violence!”

-Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw, Jesus for President

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