Smashed-Eggs-in-a-Nest Dessert


I had glorious, Pinterest-esque plans of making our own “Cadbury Cream Eggs” for Easter this year. I didn’t want to hunt down hollow chocolate eggs, spend a lot of money, only to find out the ingredients weren’t acceptable to me, so I decided to make our own, following these directions.

Investing a bit of money, Melody, Daryl and I all pitched in to get Leela some eco-friendly Easter eggs. None of us were disappointed! They are rich colors, are biodegradable, and are a decent size for toddlers to spot. That may be a draw-back for some people – they are bigger than standard Easter eggs!

I took a couple of these eggs and followed the directions for making hollow eggs. No matter how long I let them rest/cool for, they came apart. I could see a potential window for remaining intact, but I didn’t want to try 3,000 times. So, I used some silicone muffin cups and made a morbid-humor spring-time treat: Smashed Eggs-in-a-Nest. I actually think they are kind of cute and funny, so they’re not a fail to me, but they aren’t the gorgeous display I first imagined!

These were delicious, and far better (in health and in taste) than the name-brand we grew up with, so it was a win no matter how it went. I just wish I had made more.

Have you ever found yourself reclaiming a Pinterest-fail? What was it? Do you have pictures to share?

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