Water Kefir Gummy Candies


I love making water kefir. In the interim, waiting to make kombucha while kahm yeast died out in my house, water kefir had been a quick little lifesaver!

One amazing thing about bacterial yeast colonies is that the reproduce quickly, and in the case of my water kefir, the grains reproduce quicker than SCOBY mushrooms and milk kefir grains – by about 4 times as fast!

Within four 2 gallon batches of water kefir, I went from 1 cup of grains to almost a gallon. I needed to think of something to do with the grains aside from throwing them out – and while I am kind of a go-to in town for cultures (the local health food store sends people to me for them all. the. time.), I still can’t keep up with them.

Thus I began brainstorming for making gummy candies. I’d read about them a few years ago, but couldn’t find directions anywhere. I am sure that they are out there, but I thought I would share my experiments with you here.

I tried merely letting them set out after I had drained them. I put them on a clean cloth and waited a few days. Exactly as you probably foresaw – nothing special happened to them. Except, they attracted fruit flies!

I gave it another go, but that next time I broke out my food dehydrator, some unbleached parchment paper, and a couple more ingredients to hopefully knock these things out of the park. What resulted is Melody’s new “junk food” – though we all enjoy the slight gummy chew these offer.

I’m going to work on various flavor options as I get more overflow. I may try mint or citrus this next time.

Water Kefir Warming Gummy Candies

3 cups water kefir grains, drained well

1/4 cup Sucanat

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Mix all together. Layer on to parchment paper-lined dehydrator sheets, being careful to create small layers. Test after about 2 hours to see if you enjoy the consistency. The gummies will harden a little bit more than what you test at, but not a lot. May want to dehydrate for up to 3 hours.

This recipe is formatted to be easily entered into a fantastic meal planning app, MealBoard. It’s my most used and very well-loved iPhone app. I make no profit from promoting it – I just love it so much and want to share about the great app!

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  1. Interesting, I have been thinking about something simmer, I really don’t want to add any sugar, I was thinking about making gelatine, adding maybe fruit pulp and grains, after the gelatin was set to try dehydrating just a little to dry them off so they don’t stick. Make a probotic sour gummy something or other lol.


    • I am going to refigure these. I also have wanted to find a fruit-based way to enhance these. I cannot do gelatin for it’s high glutamate content, but are you instead contemplating using the kefir gummies as a sort of gelatin?


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