Bullet Journaling – The Beginning


Quad-ruled Composition notebook, covered in scrapbook paper

Wait, another person blogging about Bullet Journals?
Oh, yes. I am only the millionth person to blog about it. Do you know why? Because they are classically amazing!
It makes me think of how, back a decade and a half ago, all of us who were teenagers had no real care in the world about getting letters in the mail, but went crazy to get an email, but now I can go days without checking my email and get giddy to get a handwritten letter. That is what a Bullet Journal is like, only for getting stuff cared for in your life. So, yeah, I kind of have to tell everyone about it.

Budget Page 1

What makes it so special?
First, go watch a quick tutorial video on Bullet Journaling. Then, go hunt up “Bullet Journal” on Pinterest, and you will see that this is not only quick to accomplish, affordable, and motivating, but it is easily customizable for each person.
I’m excited, because my Type 4/1 will have a place to have contained chaos, including my desire to doodle and draw. There’s something about the grid that makes me feel safe to doodle – yes, I am crazy, but this is one of the things that makes it special for me.
{Sigh} Okay, what’s your history with note keeping?
I used to keep a journal in a 3-ring binder. It had prayers, devotional thoughts, a health record, fertility tracking, and a budget sometimes haphazardly thrown in. Everything was hole-punched and thrown in. But, it didn’t scream “carry me everywhere” and in the hectic day-in-day out, was neglected. I also have two GIANT “home management binders” that were less about management, and more about encouraging me to manage, with lots of truly wonderful articles. And let’s not forget my notebooks that track my herbal/business recipe experiments. And my Commonplace Journals (probably won’t stop that). And little notes to remind myself to do stuff around the house, run errands, etc. And papers to track various things every single month.
A lot of that stuff got smooshed into my little iPhone, with it’s fun gadgets.
Fast-forward to today, and almost all of those papery things are barely touched for the last 4 years, after wedding planning and back-to-back babies… I couldn’t carry it all with me.
Now, I am trying to ditch a bulk of my dependence on technology. A wonderful little community of home learners introduced me to Bullet Journaling a few days ago. I was so excited to find this within weeks of committing to find something better for me than my iPhone.

Fertility Tracking and Menu Planning

Any other inspiration?
Definitely. After I went hunting on Pinterest, I found a few things I loved from other’s Bullet Journals. I may keep them. I may not. I am definitely going to add my own things as I want or need them. But these wonderful Bullet Journalists shouldn’t be passed up.

  • Mike Rohde made a gorgeous icon library, but his bullet journal is absolutely stunning. He posts a lot of pictures of it on his Flickr account.
  • Allison Kimball gave me the inspiration to smash a lot of my tracking sheets together – her books are gorgeous
  • Victoria (aka Big City Princess) is bright and cheery, she caters to my secondary 1 nature in a big way! I was inspired by a lot of her stuff, but especially extra layouts.


Who doesn’t need to save a little time in their day?
That’s what Bullet Journaling is about. Getting stuff done, using time wisely, and keeping track of what you want to know about.
I love putting pen to paper, but to keep track of things that are important to me on a regular basis, I am cutting a few hand-written corners with my Bullet Journal. I am able to incorporate several charting methods I have used before, into one handy book, with an index to reference with!
Previously, I have put together a (click on it if you want to print any off for yourself):
Bible Reading Highlights
Health Log
Budget Tracker
Mother Culture schedule

Right now, all I am cutting corners with are my two most intensive, detailed charts:fertility chart and budget chart. I honestly just don’t want to handwrite all of that in every month. Print, cut, and paste into a Bullet Journal, and I have a little life-book in the palm of my hand – lovely!

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