Gaining Focus


On my morning walk, I reflected on how different life is compared to December of last year.

I am loathe to make New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, the snowball effect began in December and it ended up that most of the changes started taking place at the beginning of January. The rebel in me wanted to wait until “New Year’s Resolutions” time lapsed, but I am glad I ignored my rebelliousness, because I had a few more weeks of healing than I otherwise would have.

I recognized that my genetic issues were drastically effecting my ability to heal my endocrine system. Every time I would start a new supplement, it would work really well for a few weeks, and then I would crash. I started adding supplements for my genetic issues (I tested through 23andme), following protocol from a more well-known site that gave me a comprehensive step-by
-step guide to healing, so I would, theoretically, heal in proper order. Still, I crashed, and it was getting harder every time.

A friend encouraged me to completely stop all my supplements – all 23 of them – and to let my body detox before I contemplated any more about what supplements to eliminate, add, or change the intake of… that I might be pleasantly surprised. I started a new, less synthetic regimen, just a few weeks before New Years, and started seeing vast improvement right around the New Year. I have not yet had to add anything different in, including any of my naturally desiccated thyroid. I am taking 4 supplements, 3 of which are foods for me, 1 of which is more synthetic and unfortunately necessary (unless I can find a natural way to bypass my gut and absorb B vitamins).

This has been a HUGE key to healing, addressing my genetic defects in proper order.

For a few weeks before January, I also slowly started “going Paleo,” after reading testimony after testimony of folks with many of my same genetic defects, attest to the difference it made for them in mental clarity, weight issues, and overall health. I decided to do a big, deep dive in January, and did a Whole30. I lost 15 pounds – which is incredible, since my endocrine issues have piled on over 100 pounds in a decade, despite working out hard the first half of that decade, and eating like a bird most of that decade – and I was eating so much food!

My weight loss is much slower now that I am just Paleo, and allow myself chocolate, but it’s still going down. Grains and unfermented dairy wreak havoc on my body!

At the end of last year, Katy Bowman opened up her Restorative Exercise Specialist training again, after a very long close to new openings. It was open for a few weeks, and then would close for 2 years. Daryl and I discussed it, and I took the opportunity to start on a path I’d been dreaming of for over a year.  It has pushed me to do what I had wanted to do for several years, which is become actually serious about healthy, whole body alignment. Studying for RES has reminded me of how very little I know – and I love that!
From the energy I have gained from my diet and supplemental changes, I have been enabled to move more. Before, taking a 30-minute walk would mean adrenal exhaustion for DAYS. From one. stinking. walk. The jogging I loved so well – forget about it. That used to knock me out for weeks-long stretches.

Now that I have more mental focus and energy, I am becoming more organized. When I happened upon the mention of a specific type of organizational journal in a homeschooling group, I realized that it would work perfectly for me in many ways. I put together a part of this journal for April last night, and I am so pumped. Even without the journal for March, I have gotten a lot done today, just mentally thinking of this type of journal for my day and keeping the focus for “to-do’s.” I am going to give you a peek into this new-to-me journal, tomorrow.

More mental focus and energy is also translating into more calm, evened thinking. Which has been a balm for working through PTSD issues – now I can work through PTSD issues. Not many things are triggering the trauma. When a few things have, I have been able to process through it and move forward. I have not yet hit a panic mode, even with triggering people and situations they create.
This, wonderfully, translates into my spiritual life as well. It’s not a murky crawl to find His peace. It’s as it was before my body started failing big time, before the trauma of the failed trial.

My type 4 is truly reveling in this new-found focus… in contained chaos.

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