AmblesideOnline Year 6 Bookmarks


Update 6/2/17 – I need to update these to reflect AO’s work, booklist, etc, but I honestly don’t have time to do that. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but these are no longer available!

If you hop on over to Ambleside Online’s forums, you will find that there are some gorgeous bookmarks created by Beth, for years 1-4.

However, when Melody was going into year 6, I began getting a little anxious to utilize the great idea of a scheduling bookmark to help kids (and parents)keep track of what’s supposed to be read each week. It makes things so much more streamlined than me either having to crack open my teacher book for the schedule each day, come back online to find it, or having things set up in a workbox fashion.

Between the schedules on the fridge and the bookmarks, I think this will be better than workboxes for us!

I’d love to offer the simple little bookmarks to you, as everything is with Ambleside Online, free!

Take a look at the AO Year 6 Schedule Bookmarks. These are in PDF format.

These are different from Beth’s bookmarks in a few ways. If you would like me to make any adjustments (or if I made an error), please let me know and I would be happy to do a bit of editing (adding of borders, colorful book covers, larger text, etc.):

  • I have added checkboxes next to each week’s work. That way, when Melody opens the book up the next week, she won’t have to ask me what pages or chapter(s) to read. Over and over again.
  • I went very simplistic. This was a for a couple of reasons, starting with an ignorance of my own word program (LibreOffice), but mostly to conserve my laser printer ink. Once Melody saw these, she got very excited about the possibility of decorating the bookmarks on her own. I was self-concious about how sparse these look compared to the awesome bookmarks Beth made, but Melody saying how excited she was put me right at ease!
  • I have only separated terms by a brief, one line space. I do not differentiate terms after the headings for each bookmark. Again, this was about saving my own resources, paper. If this is too clustered for you, please do let me know and I can adjust as recommendations come to me.
  • There are some “bonus” bookmarks, for Shakespeare and Plutarch. I know we will be using them, but I am not sure if others will.
  • Some of the bookmarks are very short! Since Melody will be placing these on a larger bit of supportive cardstock, these will still be decent-sized bookmarks.

 I hope you can utilize these bookmarks and any of the other free homeschooling printables I offer on my blog!

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