When the waters rise


I have a deep need to process things I’ve been thinking about and writing or typing it out is really helpful.
While I am not all into it, I have found a lot of Dressing Your Truth videos and “typing” quite helpful. I am definitely a Type 4 nature – bold and striking. Sometimes, that can come across as abrasive and unmoving, so bare with me. I am very much a black-and-white mind, but I also value other perspectives, thoughts, and ideas.
I’ve changed a lot of the last decade, and I wouldn’t have changed my heart, had it not been for people that believed differently than me at the time, being able to share with my black-and-white mind.

Lately, I’ve felt the floodwaters of my heart and mind, rising up, ready to overflow. While I am unsure of how often I will write on this blog, I like knowing it is here to use at my leisure.

Next time, I’ll try writing something a little bit more substantial.

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